Not everybody has the ability to play this Whitney Houston song, but this guy has done it in such a manner that the jury was astonished…

Among all the songs that people enjoy singing, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston are among the hardest. Fans who select these songs are treated with respect by audiences at karaoke events, and talent shows all over the world.

It is always entertaining when kids are the ones to dabble in these subjects. Jack Vidgen, a shy person, decided to try out for Australia’s Got Talent. Even though his first school performance went poorly, he did well overall, which gave him the confidence he needed to keep singing.

He entered the stage at the age of 14 to perform a Whitney Housto song during tryouts for the popular series.

Jack admitted during the pre-performance interview that he was accustomed to essentially singing for the family.

He expressed how much it would mean to him if his multiple sclerosis-stricken fathers witnessed him succeed on stage. The young man with the stunning voice revealed himself at the audition, citing Justin Bieber as an inspiration. He announced to the judges that he would play the song “I Have Nothing” as soon as he entered the stage with a hairstyle reminiscent of Justin Bieber. You understand how this works.

Everyone gets mentally ready for what’s about to happen every time a contender says he’s going to sing a classic. People start to get curious but wary. But Jack’s incredible rendition of the well-known song left them all in awe.

You only need to view the performance video, which is displayed below. You’ll probably need assistance from a friend or family member to lift your jaw off the floor. You’ll agree with me that Jack is incredibly skilled, given that Whitney’s songs are renowned for being difficult to sing. Jack’s opening was crisp and forceful, and he sang every note with ease. Please feel free to tell all of your friends about it!

Watch the video below!

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