When the twins were little, their unique haircut was wildly mocked; nevertheless, today, it has become the trend…

Cipriana Quann, like her identical twin brother TK Wonder, first felt self-conscious about her hair as a young child.

Cipriana thinks I’m not creative enough. Long hair is becoming more and more annoying. They stopped attempting to straighten their naturally curly hair since they embraced it for what it was.

She was motivated to launch the Urban Bush Babes blog by her friend Nikisha Brunson with the following objectives:

The sisters have become well-known across the globe after appearing in picture ads for ASOS and Gap, as well as in fashion magazines.

Cipriana had prepared responses to the daily queries from the girls in advance. Wow, are you really that hairy? Yes.

Do you ever find it challenging to keep your composure to such sounds? The perception that people with Afro curls are obese is one that they frequently encounter. Actually, the reverse is true.

Despite the weight of our hair, New York City is actually as light as air, despite the fact that it is experiencing the effects of climate change. Consequently, the incorrect response is accurate.

Hey, do you ever get your dreads braided?

— No.

You could ask, “Why don’t you braid?” Even though I like the look, my hair is delighted when it is in its natural state.

Why don’t you wear the same haircut as your sister? is another of my favorites.

At first, I tell myself, “Well, that’s my prerogative; obviously I prefer my hair the way it is today, else I would have chosen a new haircut a long time ago,” as a justification for my choice.

I typically respond, “It’s just my choice,” to questions. No matter how frivolous my tone comes off, there is more to my choice than just the coincidence of our hairstyles.

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