When the woman went back to the barbershop, she discovered her husband dancing and bathing the family dog… Video attached!

I don’t know about you, but whenever I have to leave my dog to the groomer, I usually get a little anxious. First of all, when I invite him to go on a date with me to the beauty parlor, I know he hates those few hours he spends being “pampered.”

The poor thing, who hates being away from his family and, on top of that, hates missing any of his daily naps at the age of 15, is miserable. But more than anything, I’m most concerned that I didn’t leave him in the best location. The hairstylist might not be as skilled as he looks to be. He might be being bothered by the other dogs.

Another possibility is that he’s having a great time, and I’m fretting for the wrong reasons. In either case, having some evidence that everything is in order at the salon would be good.

Well, some pet owners in Buenos Aires who were concerned about their animals have now found a way to relax and know that their canines are being cared for properly. And they made the decision to broadcast it to the world via a sweet video they shared on Facebook.

Gabriela, the wife of dog groomer Luis Antonio Caballero, left for a little tea break and came back to discover her husband dancing while she was bathing one of her canine customers. Who could blame this gentleman for appearing to be enjoying the time of his life?

Anyone would grin if they could dance to catchy music with a puppy! If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to share it!

Here is the video:

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