God Bless America played by the US Army jazz band will put a smile on your face…

The intensity of patriotism evoked by Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” is unmatched by many other songs. Over the years, a large number of outstanding musicians have played wonderful music. The “United States Army Field Band” gave one of the best performances.

A select group of members of the field band takes part in “The Jazz Ambassadors.” Sgt. Maj. Jim Roberts orchestrated the song. Staff Sgts. Kyra Dorn and Sarah Polinksi, two incredible Army vocalists, are featured in the song.

The band members each play their own parts separately. Each component has been recorded, and the entire performance has been edited together. This montage of musicians includes trumpets, pianos, bass, trombones, and other instruments.

“God bless America, land that I adore!” are sung by the soloists in a powerful and unified manner. Their harmonies and tones complemented the song’s potent topic. The chorus is upbeat and stirring, in contrast to the relaxed lyrics.

During the First World War, Irving Berlin wrote the song “God Bless America.” While stationed in New York with the American Army in 1918, Berlin composed the music. Kate Smith, who gave the most well-known performance throughout the years, made it her signature song.

An estimated 1,500 songs by Irving Berlin were written for 20 Broadway productions and 15 Hollywood films. Irving discovered a song with “God Bless America,” which motivated the people. Before World War II, he helped it regain its prior level of popularity.

The best large band in the Army is called “The Jazz Ambassadors.” Jazz, the original art form of America, is performed by a group of 19 musicians, which was founded in 1969. They also go by the name “America’s Big Band.” A fantastic team of committed warriors and musicians proudly and superbly represent America!

Here is the video:

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