With their Christmas dance, eight siblings surprised the Social media… Video attached!

For these 8 siblings, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without them all dancing in ancient sweaters that belonged to their mother. Every time a Christmas song or two plays because it has become their ritual for the past five years, fantastic dancing is guaranteed to go along with it.

This year’s selection of “Dancing Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” by Pentatonix and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” made for the ideal pairing for their dance extravaganza.

When the music begins to play, they don’t waste any time in luring you in with their maneuvers while one of the siblings is standing in front of the others, who are lying on the floor, and then surprise you a second later. For a thrilling twist, four of the brothers vanish for a moment so that the other four can take center stage. Before you know it, kids once again stop acting.

They wanted to be clear that they had used a variety of moves, including some that have recently been popular in the well-known Mannequin Challenge, when they posted their amazing dance.

When you see them perform, you can hardly help but smile because you can see how much fun they are having as a single family with each motion.

Like many other families, our family decorates for Christmas every year by hanging the tree, the lovely lights, and other holiday-related items. This kind of custom is common in some cultures, but her dancing is not one of them.

This family put on the ideal welcoming performance when the lights went on. To make the holidays pleasant and joyful for everyone who sees it, add enjoyment in a special way.

Watch the video here:

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