A makeup artist made this old grandmother look completely different with some makeup…

How can I conceal my aging flaws? Our bodies and faces change more as we age. On the face, spots and wrinkles start to develop, which are already seen as signs of aging. We all desire to be youthful and to have beautiful, healthy skin. how do you maintain a youthful appearance while avoiding the telltale indications of aging?

Naturally, it is difficult to instantly restore a youthful aspect, but it is possible to minimize faults and wrinkles and appear younger for a number of years. Julie Stehan, a young makeup artist, has her own opinions about makeup and skin freshness.

Prior to applying any makeup, several considerations must be made. The regular application of firming masks, thorough skin cleansing, reduction of wrinkles, softness, and feeding of the skin are all very crucial conditions. You can utilize the makeup products once you’ve met all of these requirements. Julie’s 80-year-old grandma served as the test subject for this makeup version.

She emphasized the anti-aging cosmetics she used. Most significantly, she made an effort to minimize wrinkles and maintain her grandmother’s characteristics. It’s crucial to highlight the best features of the face and cover up its blemishes when applying makeup.

This teenage makeup artist works exactly in this manner. Choosing the appropriate cosmetics is crucial. It can do wonders, but it also has the potential to act against you. However, whether or not you factored something in incorrectly, your client will appear older than they actually are. If the right and appropriate cosmetics is applied, it can make your customer look more than 10 years younger.

Bright makeup is not advised since it will make you look older as you get older. The most preferred colors are matte; avoid using excessive amounts of foundation or concealer. Lipstick shouldn’t be overly glossy. The elderly woman’s granddaughter took care of every aspect of her cosmetics.

Everyone was shocked by how spectacular the makeover was. The woman, who was 80, appeared 20 years younger. Being gorgeous is pleasant all the time. No matter the age, one should always keep an eye on the looks if the soul is young. An attractive woman always appears young.

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