This 80-year-old grandma agrees to go down the water slide… Watch the video here!

Many people assert that age is nothing more than a number. They are very accurate, too! There are a ton of old people videos available online.

individuals who plainly contradict their age. These charming people demonstrate that age is irrelevant by dancing like teens, jumping off airplanes, or riding the world’s most magnificent roller coaster while your heart is still young!

This also applies to the sweet 80-year-old woman who consents to ride down this magnificent slide. Nothing is more energizing and soothing than a trip to the pool during the hot summer.

According to the granny in the pictures below, pool time is incomplete without a good time. She temporarily forgot that she was 80 years old. She prepared for some adrenaline and took her courage.

The grandmother is prepared for an epic waterslide with the help of her niece, who even got her a camera to record the moment of heartbreak. This elderly woman’s apparent enjoyment in life, despite her advanced age, should serve as a lesson to us all.

She obviously feels refreshed after our little adventure. Who said slides were only for teenagers? Aside from that? Watch the video of this sweet lady in action below!

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