After hearing her voice, the audience and the judges were taken aback… Here is what they did…

When a bright young artist has a defining event in their life, it is remarkable to see that their career is only just getting started. Serena Rigacci experienced that in 2014 after having always imagined performing the words to Whitney Houston’s iconic song “I Will Always Love You” in front of a large audience on Next Star.

It would be an enormous understatement to suggest that Serena’s performance of “I Will Always Love You” on Next Star was highly welcomed. Serena Rigacci entered the center stage with glittering, gently coordinated lights meant to simulate pouring rain, ready to perform for many judges and a sizable audience.

The aspiring young star didn’t have anything flashy or eye-catching on; instead, she wore a subtly elegant pale pink lace dress, which amplified her brilliance and poise. Despite there being only two words in the popular song, the judges and audience had a favorable initial impression of the girl.

Simply put, everyone in the room was in awe, and that was only the beginning. When Serena began singing the lines so skillfully, the judges immediately stood up, and the audience again applauded her young yet accomplished ability.

The Next Star crew worked tirelessly to film the song’s emotions while combining their natural talent with their extensive knowledge. Even before Houston’s extremely tough key change into “I Will Always Love You,” the audience was seen standing.

His ability to commit flawlessly to the key change was yet another example of his genius, and the judges and audience members clapped enthusiastically, some of them crying.

Consider Serena Rigacci’s future as you observe how this young and brilliant emerging artist captivated the hearts of her jurists and audience with just one song: Share this performance with your loved ones if you totally adored it!

Watch the video below!

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