Pam Sings “All by Myself” with Casper, Her Amazing Singing Dog… Video attached!

On June 22, the audition portion of America’s Got Talent’s 16th season resumed with a show full of outstanding performers that garnered a unanimous vote from the judges, one golden buzzer from Sofia Vergara, and a singing dog named Casper and his female partner Pam Quinn.

Even though Pam and Kasper performed relatively early in the evening, by the time all three judges had given them a “yes,” I was confident that the audition scene was the highlight of AGT.

Artists like Pam and Kasper really start to shine during the audition phase. Even though some of the judges thought Pam was monopolizing the mic and that more of Kasper’s vocal styles might have been employed in the performance, they still felt their rendition of Celine Dion’s “All by Myself” was funny and impressive on its own right.

It was a lot of joy to watch them. But can Pam and Casper prevail in America’s Got Talent’s sixteenth season? Honest to God, probably not.

Actors like Pam and Kasper, Peacock Setward (previously known as Setward the Caterpillar and The Walrus), acrobat Roman Kricheli, and others will progress to the next stage.

Still, they won’t have the best possible chance of beating show-stoppers like the golden buzzer winners. The jurists go through a wide and occasionally eccentric set of performers in the audition period before they have to start narrowing the circle still further.

Here is the video:

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