Nobody is able to spot the wolves, despite the artist’s assurances that they are there… Can you find them?

There are wolves here, but only sheep are seen in the painting that the artist displayed in the exhibition. Nobody was able to locate the wolves, but the author is adamant that if one looks closely, the required animal would appear right away—and not just one, but numerous.

The image does not appear to have much artistic merit at first sight. Large gray sheep alternate with tiny white sheep in this design, which is extremely frequent. Within a few hours, the painting’s image became widely shared. Commentators asked participants to name those who discovered wolves.

Many people were certain that the painting didn’t even contain any wolves, and the artist purposely created a signature to draw attention.

But wolves are present in the image. They can number up to six, and their heads are the only thing that sets them from sheep externally:

The artist boosted the worth of his artwork by trickery. They started chatting about the canvas, and as a result, they bid more on it at the auction than the creator had anticipated.

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