A surprise visit from his hero breaks the 10-year-old cowboy’s fantasy… Video attached…

Two young boys in Las Vegas discussed their desire to become professional bull riders as part of a class project. After hearing about it, FOX5 sent the FOX5 Surprise Squad to the boys’ homes to help them realize their ambitions.

When they were little, Jay Kellogg and his sister Jet wanted to become expert bull riders. They could only get an adrenaline boost even without athletics. Due to the fact that their father was a talented bull rider, these kids adore riding bulls.

In a written message, little Jayce expressed his desire to follow in the footsteps of his late father, a bull rider. The youngster proudly and joyfully wore his father’s Texas-style hat. Fox Five News and PBR collaborated, surprising two young PBR enthusiasts.

After learning about Jesse and Jet, the FOX5 Surprise Squad felt that they needed to do something special and admirable for the boys, so he unexpectedly showed up at their house for a charming and surprising interview.

Three renowned bulls were delivered to their driveway by the PBR team and the FOX5 Surprise Squad. The young people were stunned beyond belief. They alerted the bulls when they saw that someone had fled from the truck.

The young people immediately recognized the man as J. B. Mountain, the well-known bull rider, as he drew near. The children explained to Moon why they loved the games and held him in the same esteem as their father.

In addition, Mauni provided the young people with PBR tickets as a token of his value. That evening, they had to attend a performance and see Jamie being taken to a big field. You can tell that the two young men had a wonderful and joyful day.

The children’s grandparents were extraordinarily capable and creative. their granny told them. Of course, I understand that God approaches children in a special way. Their father looks after them and is overjoyed with their accomplishments.

Here is the video:

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