An American woman won the lottery 30 times in just one day, and she shares how…

Lucky Deborah Brown was born and raised in the United States. She went out and bought thirty lottery tickets in one day, and they were all winners. The news website USA Today has confirmed this.

Deborah Brown claims that the numbers 1-0-3-1 kept popping up in her life on the day she went ticket shopping. Following her gut, the woman purchased 20 Pick 4 lottery tickets and entered the aforementioned numbers. She went to a different store and bought ten more tickets.

A single dollar bought a lottery ticket, and the top prize was $5,000. Brown, therefore, gained $150,000 with a $30 investment.

The American claims that the woman “nearly had a stroke” when she hit the jackpot. According to the lottery’s administrators, her odds of correctly predicting the sequence were one in ten thousand.

Brown has not decided how he will use his prize money. It’s possible that the funds will be utilized to fix up the residences, but whatever, She has every reason to feel fortunate.

According to data compiled by LendEDU, the average American spends roughly $200 a year on lottery tickets. However, this number is far higher in other areas.

A recent study found that whereas people in Delaware and New York spend roughly $400 annually on lottery tickets, Massachusetts residents spend an average of $735 annually on such activities.

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