This 70-year-old woman looks 20 years younger with makeup on for their wedding anniversary…

Okay, women of all ages have the desire to present well. However, self-care becomes progressively more challenging as you age, and eventually, you may require outside assistance.

It would be more realistic to label Christopher Hopkins a magician than a stylist.

In his hands, every woman is a queen, and their appearance is transformed to the point where even close relatives no longer recognize each other.

Once, when Marilyn was 70 years old, she sought the help of a man who wished to alter his appearance.

The truth is that the woman wanted to look and feel fresh for the 50th-anniversary celebration with her husband so that she could show him that she was still as beautiful as ever.

Marilyn also requested that Christopher make her a look that she could manage on her own.

To keep being the kind of person, nobody can resist. Changing directions at her age prompted understandable apprehension.

When the stylist was done, and the woman looked in the mirror, she was utterly taken aback.

Ever since she last felt this beautiful, Marilyn has been waiting for the day.

Even her own family was ecstatic with her newfound youthful appearance.

And what do you think? I was wondering how old you thought this beautiful woman was.

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