In this rare case, triplets got pregnant and had triplets… Here is how they look!

Triplets are extremely uncommon to be born. Additionally, it almost seems incredible that one of the triplets actually gave birth to triplets.

Norwegian woman Judith Minda, 32, is the mother of three children: two boys and a girl.

She struggles, just like any other mom of three children, and genuinely wishes she had two additional sets of arms.

The “hands” that Judith has, in contrast to all other triplet moms, are her sisters, who were also born on the same day as her.

Judith Minda and Glenn Undheim, who were engaged at the time, were delighted to find out they would be parents to triplets.

The expecting mother was happy with this situation on the one hand, but on the other hand, she was aware that specific medical issues could accompany numerous pregnancies.

She was comforted, however, by the knowledge that her mother had also endured and given birth to triplets. And their time spent growing up with the sisters was warm and kind.

In addition, Judith’s mother started sharing amazing tales from the girls’ youth that the sisters had never heard before. The pregnant woman now felt optimistic about the outcome.

When the babies were born, the entire family was joyful. The kids just celebrated their first birthday. In contrast to her mother, Judith is parenting her triplets.

She forbids the use of the term “triplets” for any of the kids, as it was used to refer to her as a child.

Mom thinks that despite sharing a birthday, each kid is unique and should only be addressed by name.

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