These kids have been in foster care for 1035 days but here is what happened on Christmas…

A foster family adopted seven young children. This is a rare occurrence. The little ones could wind up all over the world or remain in an orphanage until they reach adulthood. But just before Christmas, a miracle took place. One was given to the Hausorns by the family’s small adoptees.

Terry and Michael from Arkansas believed that these were already their young children. The family from Arkansas already has four infants. Ryan, the oldest, is 32, and Micah, the youngest, is 20. The couple has also previously adopted two young children when the 13-year-olds who were the new children brought into the family were kidnapped.

Michael Hausorns tells GMA that life at home is never dull anymore. The men refer to their new parents as mom and dad and frequently express their love for them. In April, the couple adopted their first two children, who were just 1 and 3 years old. These little children are unrelated to the ones who were adopted in December.

Laina and Lacey, twin sisters, were later adopted by the family. Due to parental maltreatment and neglect, they were placed in an orphanage. The girls lived with the Hausorns for three years. Terry and Mile, meantime, developed feelings for the kids. They were aware that they wanted to adopt females. They were known as mum and dad.

However, they were assigned to the Hausorns for their education. The twins were sent to an orphanage in 2017. They were subsequently transferred to another institution where their biological siblings were by the Department of Child and Family Services (DCS). Michael and Terry have made the decision to adopt the entire family’s children.

The trouble with doing it all at once is that. After all, the family must demonstrate that it is capable of caring for and providing for the children. Alan Clark, a state senator, was their next target. They believed he could assist in finding a solution. The senator and the director spoke (DCS).

He ultimately consented to place the seven siblings with the Hausorns on probation. The couple’s and the other family members’ willingness to put out effort will determine how long the children will be able to stay in this home. Terry and Michael were praised as excellent folks by the state senator. Even their adult daughter Micah, he observed, had flown up from California to assist with the new siblings.

She claims that she put all of her belongings away and visited her parents. She recalls seeing how thrilled the kids were when they put up a Christmas tree with them. “They were delighted about everything that, to me as a child, seemed commonplace. Presents were never wrapped. It gave me new eyes. Micah claimed she adores them.

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