Everyone enjoys seeing the dancing competitors’ charming Charleston moves… Watch it here…

Many people were recently impressed by a video of wild lads and girls dancing together at the Paris Jazz Roots Festival and performing those wild fast-foot motions. However, the majority of the fans were unsure of the dance’s name.

The Charleston was the name of the jazz dance step. Different jazz dance styles, including the Charleston, soft shoe, black tap bottom, and others, were featured in the Parisian “genuine jazz dancing fight.”

In the video, the majority of the jazz dancers competed with one another while executing Charleston dances. Young women (flappers) and men in the 1920s both appreciated the Charleston, a well-known dance style of the era.

The Charleston dance involved quick leg swings and vigorous hand motions. With the inclusion of James P. Johnson’s “The Charleston” in “Runnin’ Wild,” the jazz genre rose to fame (1923).

Experts hypothesized that Trinidad, Ghana, or Nigeria were the origins of Charleston’s movements. It was already present in Black communities in the United States in 1913, but it only became well-known after the success of the musical “Runnin Wild.”

Finding everyone dancing in time with one another was entertaining. At its finest, it was elegance. This demonstrated the joy, love, and harmony at the heart of music. The Charleston can be danced by one person, two people, or a group of people.

These skilled groups of people have fun dancing together. The dance jam was all about individuals having fun and joyfully dancing while doing what they liked most. Even though each dancer had a unique style, they were all an inspiration to those looking to learn the dance.

Here is the video:

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