Three women and nine kids… Here is how they live now…

Jermaine Rockmore, a retired firefighter from the United States, is overjoyed. He just turned 41. And it’s all because Jeremy is simultaneously married to three women, making him the father of nine cubs.

Angelica, Leanne, and Maria, the wives, co-manage the household and get along well together.

When Jermain was 16 years old, he had his first child, who is now 25 years old. They swiftly split up after realizing their relationship wasn’t going to work.

The brave Jermain got married for the first time in a legal ceremony when he was 19 years old. They decided right away that they would never be monogamous with his wife Angelina.

Leanne, a manager at a supermarket, so showed up in their family three years later. They began residing in close quarters as a family in 2001.

Rockmore eventually became bored and made the decision to look for a third wife. He joined a dating website and met Maria, his third wife, there in 2015.

After numerous meetings, Maria decided she wanted to join this strange family. They all claim to be content, and the family’s patriarch asserts with the assurance that monogamy was created for insecure individuals.

The polygamist adds that this approach to the family model is totally inappropriate for him: “We are told that to be perfectly satisfied, you have to meet somebody who will become our only love for us and will spend our entire life with us.”

According to Rockmore, “my women remind me of a team of fighters that back me in everything.”

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