This 3-year-old melts everyone’s hearts with her lovely wish to her mom!

The relationship between a mother and her child knows no bounds. It’s most likely the most pure sort of love there is.

It is unrestricted and unending love, even though a big wooden door stands between them.

That’s what we witnessed in a breathtakingly popular YouTube video that was just recently posted.

The young girl, Ivy, stood serenely outside the restroom door as her mother had a shower.

But it wasn’t because Ivy had to go to the bathroom. She may have left you wondering why she was there.

It turns out that the cute kid was only requesting a mommy hug.
When you’re searching for a huge hug, especially at her age, it can seem like an eternity. Around 18 months old when the video was recorded, Ivy.

She was singing “happy birthday” to herself even though it wasn’t her birthday, and she was still being carried about in a baby carriage.

Ivy is already investigating the house while standing on her own two feet.
Mom can no longer run away as a result of this. Ivy can find her mother anywhere in the home and ask for a hug whenever she needs one.

Even if her mother is in the shower, Ivy will still beg for a hug.

In the video, Ivy declares, “I want Mommy.”

Her eyes are more dejected than we’ve ever seen them as she stands just outside the restroom door.

She obviously needs some mommy time even if they have only been together for a short while.

Mom calls out Ivy’s name as soon as she sees her adorable daughter is out there. The small girl is just inspired by this, and she proceeds to lightly knock on the wooden door. She had to knock and wait because she can’t reach the door handle to manually unlock it.

Dad is outside as well, observing and documenting the event.

Thankfully, Ivy doesn’t have to wait for too long.
In a second, the door bursts wide, revealing Mom.

When Ivy sees her adored parent, her eyes shine.
Hugging a youngster can be reassuring, soothing, and even therapeutic. Another key factor is love. Ivy is swept into Mom’s arms, and in a moment, her entire manner changes.

She reminds me of those vintage dolls with the moving eyes that you can lift and lower. A commenter on YouTube calls the video “GORGEOUS.”

It’s a beautiful sight, but it happens frequently.
In the video’s comments section, several other mothers had experiences quite similar to mine. Mother Chaz Nonya shared the following humorous tale:

When she was a baby, I tried to take a shower, but she screamed every time. She made sure I never took a shower alone when she was able to walk. She was 23 when we finally moved out, and after I had had a shower, I called her and said, “Guess what?!” You took a quiet shower, right?” she enquired. We then both laughed.

It is almost a given that mothers and daughters will irritate one another for the rest of their lives due to their everlasting link. You can always rely on one person to give you a hug. The person is called Mom.

Here is the video:

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