This baby helps his mom to make a shopping list… Watch the funny video here!

A young child makes the family’s weekly shopping list in an effort to assist his mother, and his actions are just precious. He makes an effort to remember everything, including “ladies” and “matoes.” Mother Chrystal Logsdon’s youngest son wanted to be in charge of making the weekly grocery list, so she enlisted the assistance of the most admirable assistant ever for this week’s shopping.

We’re all able to enjoy the adorable scene when the young child stands ready with a ballpoint pen and a notebook to scribble down all the errands his mother needs, thanks to Chrystal’s decision to record the entire event.

The attractive saleswoman repeats what Chrystal’s mother says to her before Chrystal begins listing all the items she wants to purchase for the coming week.

The young child is so engrossed in it that just seconds after writing down the first item on his shopping list, he is prepared to write the next one. However, the most endearing aspect of the entire sequence is how Chrystal’s son pronounces each race he lists, from “girls” to “matoes” to “sghetti,”

His articulation might not be great, but it’s still the cutest thing ever. Everyone would want to have a cute shopping assistant like this, but a backup list might be necessary. Chrystal’s son is the best, isn’t he?

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Here is the video:

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