Richard Gere finally discovered love at 70 and uncovers the keys to happiness in life…

Love and family contentment cannot be bought with money. This is only illustrated by the numerous failed unions of numerous Hollywood celebrities.

But one might infer that people of all ages are genuinely open to love by observing how 70-year-old Richard Gere beams with his better half, 37-year-old Alejandra Silva.

Nothing about their associate was incredibly secretive. Richard admitted that they first connected through a common friend. And perhaps the world had fallen after one person said “Hello.” They immediately thought they would be with each other forever after feeling drawn to one another at that point.

Alejandra revealed that while she had a variety of love tales, they all, generally speaking, didn’t begin as simply and plainly as we would have liked. Although it seems like introductions should bring people together, associations tended to drive individuals apart. And when she met Richard, everything was wholly different.

The woman claimed that while Richard Gere alone did not temporarily cause her uncertainty, she initially felt pretty uncomfortable. At the entertainer’s property in India, the pair exchanged vows according to all of the Buddhist traditions and customs. Additionally, as Alejandra said, their love for one another grows every day.

The couple had a clear vision of having a regular child ever since their wedding. Richard Gere had to turn down a couple movie offers at that point in order to be close to his better half. They even went to get a gift for the Dalai Lama at that point. They had a child when Alejandra was 35 and the entertainer was 68.

The duo is persuaded that the key to happiness is to make your ideal mate genuinely happy. Alejandra is constantly reminded of how much Richard Gere values her, and as a result, she is unable to remain silent. The performer is certain that his continued marriage gave him the opportunity to experience true affection.

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