Heidi Klum stood out with her gorgeous dress at the Golden Globes 2023… It looked like this!

On the evening of January 10 and 11, 2023, Beverly Hills hosted the Golden Globe Awards ceremony. The event’s organizers decided to bring back the entire red carpet this year.

The celebrities also decided to look their best. One of the first attendees at the event was Heidi Klum. Tom Kaulitz, the model’s spouse, was presumably with her.

However, Heidi was the center of attention for all the photographers. She posed in an eye-catching mini, which is the problem. In his shimmering outfit, Kevin Germanier combined feathery accents with flesh-cut necklines.

It appears that this outfit is associated with the saying “wear the best all at once.”

The outfit was finished off with a clutch and some basic silver shoes. The model had her hair pulled to one side and used cosmetics to draw attention to her eyes.

By the way, the makeup is very noughties in style; the tone of the lips was scarcely different from the rest of the face and was almost fully covered in glitter.

When discussing Heidi Klum’s look on the red carpet, online commenters said things like, “Heidi is as usual the brightest.” “Slightly envious of such a beautiful figure,” “Heidi and Mini are the most adorable pair,” “I hope Heidi Klum will show that passport numbers don’t matter at any age.”

One of the top looks on the red carpet, according to some. Heidi looks really stunning, and occasionally I feel like Klum never ages.

The runway-ready appearance Heidi still possesses certainly puts many more recent models ahead of her.

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