This is how the well-known celebrity changed and astounded her followers, becoming a true gem in Mexico…

Everyone has a fond memory of the actress who starred in “Just Maria,” and here she is in the present day.

M. Lopez, a successful and remarkable fashion designer, won the hearts of millions of people in Russia, amazing the audience in their own special style.

It is important to note that the cult series “Just Maria” has become a true gem in Mexico, and that Victoria Ruffo has become a favorite of millions of people. This is because it was hard not to fall in love with a lovely brunette with rich curls and a charming smile.

Despite the fact that Victoria continued to be a wonderful actress in subsequent series, she was unable to attain the same level of popularity as she had in the famous series.

In terms of her private life, she was once married to the comedian E. Derbez, but the pair later separated and divorced. The couple became parents, and their son, Eduardo, is now 40 years old.

Soon after, the famous actress made the acquaintance of the politician from Mexico, O. Faad, with whom she would finally find marital and parental bliss, becoming the mother of twins named Anoura and Victoria.

At this point in time, a cult celebrity has already reached the age of 60, and it appears that they have entirely changed their appearance.

She appears unconcerned about getting older, as seen by the fact that wrinkles on her face smooth out almost immediately after appearing.

It’s possible that she won’t color her hair for a very long time without feeling the least bit self-conscious about it.

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