13-Year-Old Boy Is Adopted By A Single Dad After Being Left At A Hospital…

When they first met, Peter Mutabazi knew he would be Tony’s dad.

Their narrative is a heartfelt journey through love and family.

Foster children can be abandoned for years and frequently endure great vulnerability.

But a surprising hero ensures that this endearing story has a happy conclusion.

Peter’s own youth in Uganda was challenging since he was raised in poverty and ended up living on the streets.

But after being saved and welcomed into a loving home, he understood his duty to return the favor and enter the foster care system.

In Oklahoma, Peter made the decision to explore fostering in 2017.

When he visited a neighboring agency, he was originally worried that, as a single man, he would not be a good fit.

He registered and finished the required training to become a foster parent despite his concerns.

There he met Tony, a little boy whose previous adoptive parents had left him at a hospital.

Peter thinks they were destined to be together and are the ideal father-son duo.

The perfect union.

This arduous and turbulent trip ended in reaching a family that belonged together.

He announces that day with great enthusiasm. He is now a citizen of the United States.

He is happy, appreciative, and full of optimism. The joy in his heart and being home after such a long travel is simply beyond words.

He now has a son in addition to a new citizenship.

Despite being just 13 years old, his new child is exceptionally educated and well-read, according to him.

He continues by mentioning his son’s amazing sense of humor, his love of video games, riding, and discovering new locations.

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