This old guy got a haircut and now he looks much younger!

France’s most well-known master barber is David Kodat. Most of David’s clientele are prominent individuals; therefore, consulting with this expert for a haircut and beard is very expensive.

David does, however, occasionally participate in charity endeavors. For instance, he recently made the decision to assist a homeless man whose beard and hair were in terrible shape.

The man’s hair and beard were first buzzed. The maestro then gave them a form, creating a chic haircut. The staff members were amazed to see how completely changed the homeless man had become!

The hairy, overgrown figure at first appeared to be an elderly man. But after the haircut, it was obvious that the man standing in front of them was an attractive middle-aged man.

The “customer” himself was ecstatic at the improvement. He profusely thanked the teacher and assured him that he would now undoubtedly be able to find employment and put an end to his life of roaming.

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