21 years after the father quietly sold his favorite vehicle to pay for the child’s schooling, here is what happened…

This is a story of selflessness and how acts of kindness and love may sometimes come full circle, even when you least expect it.

Stephanie’s beloved father repaired his Ford car in 1936 when he was just 16 years old.

His first valued possession as a young man was the car. In fact, he was so delighted with it that he entered it in various auto shows across the country and constantly won first place.

However, in 1993, after starting a family, Dad sadly decided to sell the car.

He did it in order to cover Stephanie’s seminary tuition. He was prepared to sacrifice something for his kid despite his sadness.

“My dad talked about this car for as long as I can remember, constantly swearing he would repurchase it if he could find it,” Stephanie wrote in a YouTube video.

Stephanie’s goal for 2013 was to locate her father’s 1936 Ford car.

She began to support his desire to get the car back.

After spending a few months looking into it, hunting for it, tracing it down, and then setting up the purchase, Stephanie and her family hustled the money and devised a clandestine scheme.

Stephanie’s mom always knew they were doing it behind their partner’s back.

The fact that we were able to locate the car, obtain the finance, and safely transfer it half way across the country is unquestionably a miracle from God.

You might still cry even after 21 years when you observe your father’s expression of astonishment.

It’s very sweet to see a man cry with joy in front of his loved ones.

Here is the video:

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