After 69 years of loneliness, a mom thought her kid had passed away, however…

Genevieve was eighteen years old when she gave birth to a baby girl in Indiana. In 1949, Genevieve was a youthful, single woman.

The new mother’s desire to see and hold her gorgeous kid was only average, but the doctors dealt her a fatal blow. Evidently, her child died while being delivered.

Genevieve eventually needed a hysterectomy due to a tumor. She didn’t have any more children.

88-year-old Genevieve lived in a Florida assisted living facility.

Since all eight of her siblings had already passed away, she felt incredibly alone for a very long time and thought she had no family left.

A home DNA kit was delivered to Connie, a woman who lived 1,500 miles away from Genevieve, for Christmas in 2017.

This was the critical piece of information that would finally shed light on the circumstances surrounding Genevieve’s delivery of that precious baby girl more than 69 years before.

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