Since his grandma did not have the opportunity to attend prom when she was younger, so her grandson did this…

Michael is a handsome young man who enjoyed great popularity in his school.

Any girl in his class would be happy to accompany him to the prom. No girl invited Michael to the prom dance for the celebration, which startled everyone.

The boy and his grandmother Josephine were getting ready for the event.

She said that she grew up in an impoverished household and couldn’t afford to buy a fancy dress, so she couldn’t attend graduation when she was younger while helping her grandson get ready for the prom.

After being moved by the tale of his dear grandmother, the man made the prompt decision to ask Josephine to the prom.

The grandmother first refused to give in to her grandson’s arguments, citing the fact that “the generations are not the same.”

However, Michael was able to persuade her that she was deserving of his company during a significant event.

Many attendees applauded Michael’s action, although a few expressed confusion over his choice.

The young man, however, is delighted that he was able to assist his grandmother in catching up and does not regret his choice.

We have no doubt that his granny was ecstatic!

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