On “Britain’s Got Talent,” a worried dad who sees his two kids performing ends up giving a tearful audition… Video attached!

After his mom surreptitiously entered him into the competition, a Britain’s Got Talent audience member gave an impromptu audition that had the audience in tears.

Nick Edwards mistook going to Britain’s Got Talent for a date with his wife sans the kids after his sister-in-law gave them complimentary tickets.

Nick, a property manager, was taken aback when he noticed Callie, 4, and Savannah, 3, seated with their grandmother Tracey.

It comes out that his mother had surreptitiously registered him for the competition because she was certain that he would never enter himself.

“Are you kidding, right?” Nick exclaimed when his family entered the stage, “That’s my mother, you’re kidding.”

Before taking the stage in front of judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and David Walliams, Nick had around 45 minutes to warm up.

The producers told me to sing this song they had seen on my Instagram, and they gave me my guitar, which my family had dragged down that day, Nick recalled.

The 35-year-old father said to the judges that he had stopped singing in public because he had “lost a lot of confidence” in himself over the years.

A apprehensive Nick said, “Hopefully I’ll be able to hold the nerves and weeping at bay while I do this.”

Then Nick sang to his daughters the Ernie Halter song “Daddy’s Little Girl.” The judges were “in bits” because of how beautifully he delivered the song.

The performance left host Declan Donnelly, who has a three-year-old daughter, overcome with emotion. Declan grimaced and wiped away his tears before turning to the camera and sarcastically saying, “I’m fine!”

This is going to be a big time for you, I recalled thinking as I was playing and my fingers started to feel a little rubbery. I do not want to ruin it.

Even though it was a fantastic moment, many viewers questioned whether Nick’s entrance on stage was legitimate because he was wearing a microphone.

Here is the video:

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