These Siamese twins can only see one another in the mirror… Here is how they look after 18 years…

Nellie and Neve were born Siamese twins, so even though they are now adults, they will never be able to be apart even for a second.

The doctors informed their parents of less-than-ideal prognoses. It was estimated that girls would live for a maximum of 10 years. Nelly and Niv also turned 18 in 2019, making it a clean sweep.

The girl’s mother, who chooses to keep her looks and name private, claims that she was only made aware of the girls’ diagnoses and physical characteristics at the time of their delivery.

The parents of an unusual couple anticipated that medical technology and the expertise of specialists would help them separate the sisters because Siamese twins are not such an uncommon occurrence in the present world.

This is impossible, though, as Nellie and Neve’s heads developed together in the womb despite having different bodies.

The twins’ shared artery, which supplies each girl’s brain with its total amount of blood, prevents everything from being acceptable.

Even though Nelly and Niv’s lives hardly qualify as idyllic and trouble-free, the sisters do not want to be split apart. They assert that everyone has unique interests, skills, viewpoints, and aspirations, and they cannot fathom their existence without one another.

The odd thing is that nature has decided that the sisters can only see each other through a mirror, which is the only way they can see each other. Girls who use it can also watch TV.

Nelly and Niv are not at all self-conscious about how they look. The girls launched multiple social media profiles and became well-known bloggers thanks to their bravery and shared love for one another and their soul partner.

They are pleased to share their pictures and videos, highlighting the fact that they are just like everyone else and are entirely ordinary individuals.

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