Look at what 133 boys do on stage that gets Simon Cowell on his feet…

Since 2007, Britain’s Got Talent has delighted audiences with English people’s distinctive and occasionally strange abilities.

The performance draws in some incredible talent, ranging from the usual to the highly unusual. The candidates in this video are a more conventional group, yet you will be blown away by their talent.

Only Boys Aloud, a Welsh choir, is featured in this video. Boys between the ages of 14 and 19 make up the 133-member choir. They claim that participating in the choir helps them avoid getting into mischief on the streets. They took the stage to play the Welsh ballad “Calon Lân” in a spellbinding manner.

The lads are seen getting ready to perform in the film’s opening, and several of them describe their backgrounds and why they decided to join this choir. Wales is experiencing social problems and unemployment, and many young people are turning to offenses or substance use.

These lads also spoke about wanting to take a different route and how this choir keeps them out of trouble and gives them a sense of purpose in their life. This is genuinely motivating. All of their peers and many adults look up to these guys as role models.

After watching this film, you’ll understand why even Simon, who is renowned for being difficult to please, was awestruck. Indeed, as far as “Got Talent,” this performance will go down in history.

Here is the video:

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