This autistic boy bursts into tears when he starts singing “Isn’t She Lovely” for his mom…

Calum Courtney’s gorgeous “Isn’t She Lovely?” performance has won hearts everywhere. Explicitly dedicated to his mother, he gives a tear-jerkingly adorable rendition of the Stevie Wonder song.

For a ten-year-old child, all of this would be astounding enough, but Calum also has Autism. “Calum has high-functioning autism,” his mother stated in an interview.

For Calum, this entails muddled social lines, academic challenges, and friendship issues, but it also gives him the confidence to stand up and sing out a song. We explain to him that, although it may have had some adverse effects on other aspects of his life, his autism has given him the superpower of music.

You can see what a really kind, upbeat, and well-rounded person Calum seems to be from his endearing performance. His feet are firmly anchored on the earth, and fame hasn’t made him lose perspective. To appreciate what a gifted 10-year-old Calum is, you must watch the following video (at the end).

Although Calum’s voice is astonishingly good, the standing ovation from the audience is nearly too much for him to handle. He starts to cry, and the host enters the stage to offer him a comforting hug.

Having said that, if he looks familiar, it’s because you’ve already seen Calum on MadlyOdd when this 10-year-old sobbed and his younger brother ran over. Watch the debut performance that made this young man a household name on BGT.

His performance received a lot of positive feedback from viewers, who included one who said, “Great work, enjoyed the performance, just wanted to mention the voice-over was fantastic when he was talking about the response from the crowd, and that it made him weep, made me think I was watching a film.

The majority of people I’ve encountered who have some type of autism are so skilled in different ways, which is really lovely, and there are so many people out there who don’t give them a chance, another person who was aware of the difficulties autism can bring remarked. Good work, Callum.

Calum advanced to the finals and gave an incredible performance that left me speechless! This kid is incredibly talented. Just observe:

Here are the videos:

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