This woman got so many lip fillers but here is how she used to look with her natural lips…

Many women desire full lips with the ideal form. To give herself “the mouth of her dreams,” Liverpool resident Alia Byrne spent roughly $3,000 on lip fillers.

Dermal fillers totaling 6.5 ml were administered into the woman for just one year. And although though Alia, 30, acknowledges that she has a rather peculiar appearance for which she frequently receives criticism, she still wants to enlarge her lips.

“My new lips have boosted my confidence so dramatically. The Briton says, “My mum has told me to stop administering injections when folks turn to look at me on the street.” I don’t care, though. My life is what it is, and I don’t care.

Alia, who is responsible for raising her 2-year-old kid alone, claims that she only takes time for herself during injections.

“Don’t blame me for that; I’m a nice parent, and that’s the only thing I spend money on for myself. My child gets everything else. Fillers are simply for me because I’ve always lived for him.

“They claim my lips are large. But I don’t believe they are so big because I see them every day. Without a doubt, I desire additional injections.

The woman claims that prior to the injections, she was extremely insecure about her thin lips and on her 29th birthday, she made the decision to treat herself.

“I wanted huge lips like the girls I saw on Instagram had, but I was afraid to get fillers after seeing them. I’ve always been thrifty and disliked treating myself to things.

“I now have a ton of Instagram followers! And they leave me sweet messages that motivate me to enlarge my lips even more!

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