Steve Harvey laughs at this kid’s sense of humor despite the fact that he is highly intelligent…

There are some really bright and talented young individuals in the world who have grown up with a broad outlook and a strong sense of self.

These kids are more likely to be regarded as adults than children because many adults only have half the IQ of kids.

While hosting “Little Big Shots,” Steve Harley got the opportunity to interact with a range of talented kids who had incredibly vibrant personalities and smart minds.

He came across this small child as he prepared to end the show.

Tommy Johnson, who was just 4 years old, was very extroverted and had a great sense of humor. He had a great gift for making many of people laugh.

At the Steve’s concert, everyone appreciated the tiny star’s company since he made them laugh.

Asked by Stave about his interactions with his people.

The young boy made a point of saying that his older brothers would not be open to sharing their wives with him.

He responded sharply and clearly, and the crowd actually chuckled.

His singular quality grabbed the entire gathering.

By properly identifying the photographs of all 45 US presidents, the child has proven his intelligence.

He is quite intelligent and knowledgeable about each of them separately.

Johnson has many advantages, and Steve envisions him as a young adult hosting a regular program.

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