Grandma Annegret Raunig gave birth to quadruplets at 65, making her total family 13 overall… Here is how they look now!

In May 2015, Annegret Raunig, a 65-year-old resident of Berlin, astonished the entire world. The woman gave birth to three boys and a girl, the youngest of whom was born weighing less than a kilogram, early.

A woman in her 30s who already has 13 children has no reason to want any more. The high birth rate and delayed births have sparked a variety of responses from society. She also taught, had twelve children, five children with her husband, and one grandchild.

She unexpectedly became pregnant again after her 2005 retirement. When Leila was 55 years old, she gave birth like she usually did.

Although every woman’s decision to become a mother is deeply personal, it is frequently viewed as uncaring and selfish. The treatment of one’s age is the same as that of any other identification number.

With dignity, Annegret accepted her punishment. She was featured in news stories and discussion shows. Everything began when the youngest daughter of our heroine begged her mother for a brother.

Now that we are aware that all of his younger siblings are adults, it makes things more clear. Now that her golden years are behind her, 64-year-old Annegret is thinking about having another family.

The mother’s German doctors and many of the mother’s friends opposed the pregnancy.

After giving birth to her second baby, Annegret and her family moved to Höxter so that she could benefit from a larger government-provided home.

Compared to the city, budgeting was simpler in the country. The German government presented her with two medals as recognition for her work as a devoted mother.

The children formed a group, ran amok all day, yelled at one another, and vandalized things. Annette hardly ever has free time to reflect about her life.

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