A hairdresser changes this baby’s hairstyle and here is how she looks now…

Kids under the age of five are frequently described as “little angels” of mischief, even in the most serene families.

Only one of the two children is even five years old! Alert! Breana Naylor, a mother from Ohio, unfortunately learned this lesson the hard way when her two kids misbehaved while she was away.

Naylor was able to relax as Colt, 3, and Kimber, 2, kept themselves occupied in a different room. She values her alone time a lot. Today, status quo shifts happened swiftly.

After a while, she made the decision to check on her kids since she was a “responsible mother,” she told Mom.com.

She claims that the lengthy hair was what first drew her attention. As “Colt was putting the scissors up to Kimber’s head,” the author claims that she “remained completely motionless, as if he ordered.”

Every parent’s worst nightmare is that their child will cut their hair or someone else’s while they are gone. Mom noticed it even though Dad didn’t tell her.

According to Mom.com, her laughter is audible. My wife was very hurt by it. The Naylors’ situation was shared with her friend and fellow stylist Jen Bullock.

Jen, put my hair and I out of your mind; Kimber needs your assistance. adds. Bullock brought Shears home with him. Naylor neglected to recognize her friend’s talent as a hairdresser.

Kimber’s mother thinks her daughter is unaware of how cool she appears. Her “rad hair either matches or contributes to her stern demeanor,” in some mysterious way.

When Naylor isn’t looking, her kids engage in “typical toddler behavior” like jumping off the couch and climbing the cupboard shelves.

Bullock’s “before” and “after” Facebook posts about the incident went viral this month. Bullock’s tweet received tens of thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

Good job! was mentioned by someone.

She has that beautiful style, someone other added.

Although Naylor is surprised by its popularity, he is pleased that it has made people happy. She demonstrated to the kids how to use the clippers correctly and properly.

Colt “well understands” why he must obtain permission before using Mommy’s scissors.

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