This teenager has already made plans for the future and currently provides for his family…

Keep in mind his name is Kiron Wimlanson. Even though he is only 14 years old, he is known only as “little Monet” in Britain.

And it’s all because, at the age of 4, Kieron started painting Norfolk County’s surroundings!

When Kiron was eight years old, the first auction sales of works by emerging artists took place. And when he was just nine years old, 33 of his paintings sold for $235,000 in just one hour!

23 works that were sold online in 20 minutes for a total of 360 000 dollars must be added to them.

The currently 14-year-old kid has already amassed a total of $ 2,200,000, and he invested all that money in Kieron Williamson Ltd, his own business run by his parents.

Kieron is currently one of the UK’s wealthiest kids and one of the most well-known young artists. This is not unexpected given that his paintings now sell for between three and a half and thirty thousand dollars.

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