Priyanka Chopra displayed her child’s face for the first time, saying that she resembles an angel…

Through surrogacy, the artist and the Miss World 2000 winner became parents.

The couple’s daughter was delivered three months early, and the moment she was born, she was placed in intensive care. She stayed in the intensive care unit for exactly 100 days.

For an important event, Priyanka brought the infant outside. The ceremony was attended by her spouse and brothers. The model was sitting next to Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas’ wife, and was beaming broadly as she carried the infant in her arms.

As a result, Priyanka Chopra revealed her daughter’s face for the first time, and the child was absolutely beautiful.

The young woman made a lovely public entrance. The young girl sported a lovely floral bandage on her head and was dressed in a beige tweed jacket and matching skirt. As for Priyanka, she showed up wearing a brown bodycon dress.

The model displayed her daughter to the public with pride. Priyanka meticulously observed the girl’s every move as she peered around her with interest.

Bloggers comment, “What a sweet girl,” and “You can just tell how much this young girl is adored.”

Priyanka openly discussed how doctors helped save her preterm daughter. The celebrity said, with much emotion, that the physicians are carrying out God’s will.

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