The two-year-old drummer’s flawless performance astonished the judges… Video attached!

Hugo Molina is a gifted drummer who is only young.

He’s only two years old, yet he already knows how to play the drums on his own and perform in front of people.

Hugo’s drumming is for more than just kids, despite his early age.

He plays the drums with great musical talent.

The announcer even asked the crowd not to applaud too loudly during the performance so that the tiny toddler wouldn’t be shocked.

Hugo picks up the drumsticks as soon as his father places him on the drums and starts playing right away.

Hugo, how can we play the drums? his father merely inquires when the background music begins.

Hugo’s skills were clearly evident during the Semanasantu, a traditional Easter parade.

His drumming prowess captured the judges’ attention, and the audience was equally as impressed.

Hugo has already established himself as a talented musician despite his youth, and it is evident that he has a promising future in the music industry.

Here is the video:

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