Ornella Muti is now 66 years old and looks as beautiful as before…

It seems impossible that she is 66 years old given her beauty.

Ornella Muti keeps his admirers happy by posting pictures to his Instagram profile every day.

The star just demonstrated once more that she most certainly knows the key to youth.

However, as Italian says, everything is lot simpler.

A long, deep dream that lasts at least nine hours is one of the key strategies to keep youth and purity of the skin.

Such a dream effectively lowers anxiety and promotes mental tranquility.

The actress also stopped smoking, which has a negative impact on the quality of her skin and body overall, and she doesn’t consume alcohol.

You may maintain a healthy body with a balanced diet, an active lifestyle, and especially participating in sports.

Muti is a fierce opponent of plastic surgery and will never accept the conventional wisdom that you can restore lost beauty with a surgeon’s help.

Ornella, you appear to be twice your age. What’s the trick? «I am speechless. You are lovely, endearing, and free of plastic.”

The followers will post in the comments things like, “These are in the DNA,” “Ornella, you are my muse,” and “Here is a grandma.”

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