After paying 60,000 for the missing packages, the woman started to unpack each one’s components…

A woman picked up 100 misplaced items from a well-known delivery service for various commodities right away out of curiosity. She paid about $60,000 for it, but she had no idea what was inside.

The blogger chose to open every package in front of the camera in order to capture the experience’s authenticity, and she then recorded what she discovered.

If the owner cannot be located and has not requested the parcel for more than six months, the delivery service sells the products. A woman has always found this format intriguing because you never know what you’ll get when you buy a “pig in a poke.”

I placed orders for 30 little and 30 large shipments, each costing 300 and 1000 roubles respectively. 20 packages cost less than 400 rubles apiece, and 20 bundles cost 500 rubles each, according to the blogger.

The majority of the little and medium-sized packets contained different spices, tea, sweets, and meals. The author discovered odd plastic pants in a little box that appeared to be entirely inappropriate for wearing.

She discovered a brand-new suitcase filled with tools in a sizable package. This set costs roughly 8,000–9,000 rubles, which is quite a bit of money. Cylinders containing “antifreeze” for an automobile were unexpectedly discovered in other containers.

Not entirely useless; for 100 rubles, a woman obtained seven liters. The entire unpacking procedure was documented by the blogger, who noted that occasionally intriguing things can be found in missing packages. On the other side, the purchase will likely be a waste of money with the same chance.

Here is the video:

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