Here is how they now appear after marrying twin sisters and having twins of their own…

Weird and unusual events are frequently hosted in the Ohio town of Twinsburg.

The event is open to all of the town’s identical twins.

This tradition began in 1976 and has been followed in the same way ever since.

Craig and Mark Sanders, brothers, went to the function once in 1998.

They were among the 36 other sets of twins that came to spend the day engaging with others.

But because the gathering would involve two families at once, it was unexpected.

That event was very significant to the Nettmaye sisters, Darlene and Diana.

These people met at the event and immediately struck up a discussion.

As the brothers eventually acknowledged, it came out that Mark had originally fallen in love with Darlene at the same time as Craig was admiring Diana.

Perfect timing for a coincidence! After that, dates and conversation between couples started.

They decided to get married on the same day after deliberating for a few months.

The parents of the couple were particularly happy during the wedding as it would be two of their children getting married at the same time.

It was the most incredible moment when they gave birth to twins, twins, and more twins.

When Brandy and Candy, their identical twins, were born in 2001, Craig and Diana experienced their greatest parental joy.

Later, Mark and Darline also gave birth to twins.

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