Beyoncé, the reigning queen of feminine pop, has announced her first world tour in 7 years…

Beyoncé, 41, recently caused a stir at a private party in Dubai.

The performer performed solo for the first time in four years. Following that, online speculations spread that this performance was merely a warm-up for the tour.

There was no question in the minds of online users that the celebrity will soon tour the globe in favor of her Renaissance album.

Additionally, Beyoncé did reveal a world tour on February 1.

The artist plans to give performances across the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Sweden, Great Britain, and Spain.

On May 10 in Stockholm, the singer will have his debut performance.

After that, the celebrity will travel to Brussels, where the performance will take place on May 14.

The tour schedule listed 27 concerts in all. The official website of the performer already has ticket sales available.

The 2016 Formation World Tour was organized by the singer and was in support of the corresponding album.

By the way, Beyoncé used one of the Renaissance photos to promote the tour.

Numerous Internet users were instantly drawn to the provocative clothing.

We all earnestly hope that there are still tickets available, “I’m convinced that after this performance I will lose my voice for at least a week,” and “Used three laptops and five phones to get concert tickets.”

Fans wrote in the post’s comments, “Take all my savings,” “Queen B will finally visit our city,” and “I truly hope that the concert costumes will be as open as on the album cover.”

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