Rita Ora initially displayed the engagement ring; you’ll be amazed to know its price…

One of Hollywood’s most stunning couples is an expert in effective public relations.

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi continue to pique fans’ excitement by gradually revealing information about their covert wedding from a year ago.

The singer recently showed up to the Jimmy Fallon show with an engagement ring that she had hidden from inquisitive eyes.

You’ll be shocked to learn that Rita picked out the ring on her own. She took him to a jewelry store without relying on her lover’s wisdom.

“I was aware of my strong want to be with this individual. And I wanted him to feel well,” the astute singer added. So I accompanied him to the store and explained in detail the type of ring I want.

We must admit that the star has outstanding flavor. A 10-carat Colombian emerald looks considerably more unique than the one with a single diamond on platinum and pairs beautifully with yellow gold.

A similar adornment can cost between $400 million and $500 million.

A pebble’s otherworldly beauty also carries a religious significance.

Eminent jeweler Mike Fried told the Page Six tabloid, “Emeralds are usually meaningful in the context of choosing an engagement ring: these stones have been thought to symbolize good luck in everything since ancient times.”

Rita surprisingly admitted during the broadcast that she had feelings for the host and gave the rationale behind her decision to declassify her husband’s pricey gift.

We watch your program every night, therefore I’m showing it to you because I love you and feel like you’re a part of our relationship.

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