This couple thought they were having triplets, however…

An expectant mother and her partner were shocked to learn they were having triplets. But when they discovered they had not three, but four cubs, they had even another huge surprise! Dad was filled with emotion in the delivery room.

Any child is a blessing, and when this particular couple learned they were expecting triplets, they were suddenly showered with many blessings. A few weeks later, they learned that their seemingly larger family would actually be growing by four, not just three.

Gemma Robson and her partner Andy Raine just so happened to outperform the statistics that there are 700,000 to 1 chances that a pregnancy will result in quadruplets that are all girls.

The couple’s usual 12-week prenatal checkup came as a surprise to them. When the doctor told them they were having triplets, they were absolutely shocked. They had been so excited to finally see their baby.

For them, learning they were triplets was already a major thing. They were ready right away to have three kids, only to experience yet another major surprise during their 17-week investigation.

A fourth cub was discovered during the ultrasound, curled up in Gemma’s belly. Andy acknowledged that upon hearing the news, he nearly lost consciousness, saying:

When we learned we were having quadruplets, I almost fainted because I couldn’t believe it.

For several weeks, Gemma and Andy were able to get ready for the birth of their four children. Though it took some time for them to realize it, once their infants were born, all of their fears vanished. Andy exclaimed, “Seeing them here now is a great sensation.

Gemma and Andy initially had to go through their heartbreaking labor and delivery before arriving at such a state. Gemma was scheduled to give birth in December, but when she gave birth on November 18, the quadruplets were welcomed into the world sooner than anticipated.

Gemma initially assumed there were simply a lot of individuals moving around in her belly, including four young girls. But when she couldn’t get up the following morning due to frequent contractions, she recognized it was more serious than that.

The decision was made that Gemma needed an emergency cesarean delivery after her doctor examined her, and her daughters were born the following morning. Gemma found the situation to be challenging, but she was pressed for time and unable to understand everything that was happening.

She was glad to no longer have to carry her children about in her belly because they were getting heavy, but she was also concerned that they would be born too soon. She said, “You certainly still worry that they’ll be okay.

Unfortunately, Andy was so amazed that he was unable to recall the dates of the birth of his children. It got to be too much for Andy as everyone in the delivery room getting ready for the girls to arrive, missing the birth of his children.

The father-of-four only recalls waking up on the delivery room floor with a pillow over his head after everything was finished. It was an awesome feeling he would never forget, and he quickly got back on his feet to express his support for his wife and see his girls for the first time.

The infants were given the names Taylor, Mia, Skye, and Dani. They were given neonatal care because they were prematurely born, and they had to remain in the neonatal intensive care unit for at least three months before they could return home with their parents.

The proud parents, who did not live together, requested a house big enough to house their large family from the town hall. Along with the four infants, they also share a home with Millie Grace, Gemma’s ex-daughter. partner’s

Even though Dani, Skye, Mia, and Taylor didn’t immediately return home, Gemma and Andy frequently saw their daughters and provided them with “kangaroo care” by having brief skin-to-skin contact. They also got ready for their girls’ arrival, making sure they had all they needed.

One method of getting ready was to get all the supplies ready for little. Although they initially desired a stroller that could hold all four infants at once, they were aware that this was not feasible. Instead, they decided to use two twin strollers.

Gemma had conflicting feelings about bringing her daughters home, even though she was prepared to meet all of their needs. She fessed up:

“I’m eager to get started.”

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