A senior Czech woman creates a gallery in her small town, which ended up looking like this…

Thanks to her floral paintings, this Czech grandmother rose from relative obscurity to online fame. People frequently look forward to retirement as a period of rest. Some people strive to retire at a young age.

Really, why not? At home, relaxing is alluring. Isn’t it appropriate to take a break after working so hard for so long?

Aneka Kapárková (Agnes), a 91-year-old Czech woman, disagrees. The worst day for Agnes is a dull one spent at home. She spends her time painting each of her Louka neighbors’ homes by hand, even though she is 91 years old.

Agnes has been painting structures by hand since she gave up farming more than 30 years ago. She had learned this from her late friend Manakova, who had done it for free.

Manakova gave the instruction. Agnes quietly announced that she is still working in honor of Manakova.

Agnes paints by hand and her works are remarkable in their beauty, grace, and attention to detail. Agnes’ detailed paintings stand in stark contrast to Louka’s immaculate white Moravian dwellings.

Despite being well-known, Agnes never allows her notoriety to make her haughty. She adamantly maintains that she is not an artist and that she is merely pursuing her passions in order to enhance the beauty of the world.

The elderly Czech woman realized that hand-painting buildings required more effort as she aged after 30 years.

Before putting her skillful hands to work on her ideas, Agnes never creates a thorough outline of them.

After being highlighted on numerous blogs and social media platforms, her hand-painted houses have gained widespread popularity online.

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