Paul Solomons and Kylie Minogue parted ways following a five-year long-distance relationship…

Journalists have reported that Kylie Minogue, 54, dumped her lover Paul Solomons.

According to rumors, the separation was brought on by the distance. The singer recently went back to her home in a Melbourne neighborhood. Her partner also remained in London.

According to insiders, Kylie and Paul first made an effort to keep their romance going. But in the end, they were unsuccessful.

“They made a sincere effort. However, the 11-hour time difference did more to destroy the relationship than the actual distance.

Additionally, Paul rarely had the chance to visit Melbourne even on weekends because of a hectic work schedule, according to the people who spoke with The Sun’s writers.

The artist’s representatives have not yet issued any public statements. The issue is that she does not want to read media reports about her private life once more.

The insider said, “She’s already sick of seeing how she is painted as a “poor, unfortunate in love, a girl with a broken heart.”

He claims that Minogue is no longer miserable and plans to spend all of her time working and engaging in her interests. Kylie also keeps in touch with Paul, but they do so as friends now.

By the way, there are claims that Minogue and Solomons were even engaged. The man’s mother once voiced her opinion regarding this news.

Kylie is a lovely person. I’m thrilled about their engagement. We are all incredibly delighted about this. I’m sorry, but I’m unable to share any information right now,” she apologized.

Later, the news was refuted by Minogue’s own agents.

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