A woman who was expecting and previously had 12 girls wished for a boy, but after the ultrasound pictures…

All 14 of Augustine Higuera’s offspring are female. The wife and mom from Paris, Texas, age 29, made an amazing promise to both her husband and herself.

Augustine made the decision that her family would expand until a boy was born.

Her tale is still amazing and engaging. Her first husband gave birth to Augustina Belicia’s first daughter. Three further girls were then born, but that was just the start.

Augustine tried a variety of contraceptives over the years, but none of them worked. She was always surprised by each pregnancy.

Following her divorce from her first husband, Augustine began seeing José. Two girls, born to them two years apart. Augustine learned that she was pregnant again six years ago, but this time, it was twins.

This time, she was certain that one of the infants would be a male. Even medical professionals agreed that there is a far higher chance of having a boy and a girl than identical twins.

Augustine did something that only occurs once per 500,000 cases after learning that both fetuses were females.

All fourteen of Augustina Higuera’s children are female.

In addition to having so many kids, Augustine performed the unfathomable at the age of 29 by having triplets of twins, which only happens once every 500,000 pregnancies.

A mother and wife from Paris, Texas, made a commitment to continue having kids until she gave birth to her long-desired son.

Augustine claims she doesn’t want to change anything despite leading a busy and demanding lifestyle. She always took care of her younger siblings growing up, so having children was her ambition.

Every time Augustine learned she was pregnant, she was genuinely delighted about it.

Augustine spends his day doing 42 loads of laundry, preparing 8 different meals, and sleeping for only 2 hours.

José works every day of the week while Augustina takes care of the kids (and drives them to school in a minibus).

José puts a lot of effort into a landscaping business to support his family.

Augustina Belicia’s first husband was the father of her first child, a daughter.

Nielli, 13, Liliana, 12, and Vanessa, 11, followed.

Every time I found out I was expecting, I was astonished, said Augustine. I attempted numerous methods of birth control, but they all failed.

She was in seventh heaven with joy with each pregnancy.

Daniela, who is now nine years old, was born after Augustina married José for the second time.

Zilla, who is now seven years old, was then born.

Augustina and José found out six years ago that they will have twins instead of a single child this time.

At least one of the children will be a boy, Augustine felt certain. She was also more likely to produce a boy and a girl than same-sex children, according to the experts.

The twins, nevertheless, were both females. Analilia, 4, and Aravelia, 2, were born after Luzelena and Marielena, each of whom are now 6 years old.

Augustine experienced another positive pregnancy test three months later.

Only a few weeks old were the girls when Augustine became pregnant once more.

It was twins once more. once more, ladies!

The physicians advised her that getting pregnant again would be preferable to winning the lotto.

What do you think about the fact that Bella and Isabella were born shortly after?

A day in Augustine’s life was depicted above. You can see that she has everything ready because there are 14 kids.

Despite using birth control now, Augustina says she plans to have additional kids after her younger twins become 4 years old.

She believes having a boy would be wonderful, especially for her spouse.

I would like as many kids as I want, Augustine declared. If they were boys, I would have 10 more children.

Augustina and José appear to be doing a terrific job of numbering their 14 children, which is a challenging task.

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