She put in a lot of effort at two jobs to provide for her family. Soon, the boss called to have a serious discussion…

Tami Forbes is a manager for a small business. Similar to our nation, the USA frequently employs workers who handle multiple tasks at once.

Tami was left in charge of everything, including cleaning the shop and keeping track of the inventory. And this is despite the fact that the woman is expecting a child and has two 8-month-old twins at home who are eager to see her.

Tami must also work as a waitress at night in order to support her family and make ends meet. At the same time, a woman only makes $300 a week, which is considered to be a pitifully low salary in the United States and barely enough to get by.

Lemonis chose to assist the pregnant hard worker before she had to take maternity leave.

He added several more workers to the staff, leaving Tami to handle the managerial responsibilities solely directly.

Marcus also boosted her compensation to $1,000 per week and offered to cover her maternity leave costs for six months. It really means a lot to me!

Live in the knowledge that I will have a salary when I return, allowing me to do both: pay my bills and save money. Much appreciate this! Tami cried as she thanked the millionaire.

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