This couple had been married for 60 years and here are the last words of the husband to his wife…

Ed and Florin Hale, who are married, are unquestionable evidence that such feelings exist. For 60 memorable years, they shared their lives together, and nothing could separate them.

1952 saw the meeting of Florin and Ed, who fell in love while dancing their first waltz. At first glance, a strong emotion struck their sincere hearts. Ed realized right away: it or nobody else.

When her beloved popped the question to Florin, she was in seventh heaven. The young people were looking forward to a long and happy life after saying “yes” to each other.

The newlyweds took their vows very seriously, promising to look after one another “in sickness and in health.” Even the proverbial “till our life’s end do us part” came to signify something concrete in their lives. Ed’s kidney failed when he was 83 years old, and he was sent to the hospital.

Florin suffered from a heart attack a few days later. Although she wasn’t taken to the hospital where her husband was, the elderly woman was.

Ed insisted on going to Florin Hospital and being put in the exact same room. Physicians and family members could not object. The old couple eventually got back together. to allow them to grasp hands.

Florin had little ability to feel or comprehend anything, yet she was aware of her devoted husband’s presence right away. She passed away shortly after. She did not let go of her husband’s hand even for a second. Ed breathed his last and closed his eyes for good two hours later.

“I won’t ever abandon you, Florin. At the time, I made a commitment to you that nothing or anyone in the world could make me leave you. If you go, I’m going with you! It was Ed’s final statement. He didn’t realize how accurate he was.

We all need love more than anything in the world, but in order to receive it, one must first learn how to give love to others without expecting anything in return.

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