Izzy and Easton danced amazingly and amazed the audience… Video attached!

Izzy, 11, and Easton, 14, both of Las Vegas, recently had successful auditions that impressed not only Hough but also her colleagues judges, Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union, and Howie Mandel.

Izzy is only 11 years old, while Easton is only 14 years old.

their current state of existence. At the sneak peek for the episode that will air on Tuesday, Izzy and Easton gave an emotional performance that rendered the crowd incapable of providing any commentary.

Although Izzy and Easton are not biologically related, they have been dancing together for five years and now consider each other family. Izzy said:

“Dancing with Easton is one of my favorite things to do since he is so incredible, gorgeous, and kind.”

He is very much like my brother. They model their behaviors after those of family members and behave as though they are siblings who have been separated by conflict.

Here is the video:

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